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when to see a doctorPain is a fact of life. A big question many people have is when to see a doctor in order to treat the pain. Sometimes we know what the cause is and we also know when or how long it will be until the pain diminishes. For example, we know a cold will probably last a maximum of 2 weeks before the pain is over. Breaking a leg, we know this circumstance will last a certain amount of time.

Why do we mention this? Well, because the simple fact of knowing how long our pain will last is what keeps our morale high while speeding up the healing process as compared to when we have no idea when the pain will go away, if it will ever go away. The worry we cause ourselves when pain doesn’t seem to be getting any better is a negative mindset that spirals you into a vicious cycle. The added stress can amplify your existing problem, and in some cases even cause a new problem.


When to see a doctor?


The mind is a powerful tool as we’re sure you’ve already heard, so powerful that we can distract the pain away from ourselves using various methods. We can also mask mild pain using over-the-counter medications like Advil. However, there are scenarios in which perhaps it’s time to consider seeing a specialized pain management doctor:

Bothersome enough – as simple as it sounds, if the pain you’re experiencing is taking up a significant portion of your mental resources, then it’s time to see a doctor.

Loss of sensation – if for any reason you experience a loss of sensation that lasts for awhile, on any part of the body, then it’s time to see a doctor.

Weight – if you absolutely cannot put weight on a specific part of your body, then a doctor visit would be strongly recommended.Los Angeles pain management doctor.

You can’t even move the muscle – if this is the case, then you should seriously visit a pain doctor as soon as possible.

Injuries happen often unexpectedly and sometimes without us even realizing, but if an injury happens that leaves us wondering when to see a doctor, then you should probably take action sooner than later. The longer you wait on certain injuries, the more pain you will experience and the less likely you will find an appropriate cure.

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