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Beginner’s Back Strengthening and Stretching Workout

Back problems are one of the most frequent causes of pain – especially our lower back, the portion of our back that bears the most weight. It certainly does not help that many of us do not practice proper posture in the workplace or even at home. Slouching is a common posture that forces unnecessary […]

The Scoop on Epidural Injections for Back Pain

The term, epidural injection, is often associated with pregnancy. Truth is, epidural injections are more commonly used as a therapeutic treatment of back pain that does not respond to traditional methods. Here’s a list of common questions answered by your Los Angeles back pain doctor. So what exactly is an epidural injection? It’s a precise […]

5 Useful Tips on Quitting Smoking

You’ve probably already heard enough of smoking and the numerous amounts of problems and pain this nasty habit can cause. The most interesting part about smoking is that nicotine is a drug with analgesic properties, meaning pain-killing properties, yet it’s a habit that ends up causing you more pain than relief. In short, smoking causes […]